Tourist Visitor and Business  (B-1 / B-2 / WT / WB / VWP)

(Tourist) Visitors can apply for their own visitor immigration status.  It is a personal immigration status that does not require sponsorship from OSU. Visitor status allows guests to come to the US to participate in personally-enriching activities, which could include being a guest lecturer, attending a business meeting or consultation, an international delegation to OSU, personal research, or personal training. Generally, the visitor will have to demonstrate to immigration officials that the visitor has enough funds available to support themselves comfortably in the US throughout their stay in the US, and that their activities fit with the personally-enriching activities as described by the Department of State.

What Positions are Eligible?

  • Visitors cannot be employed by OSU or enroll in OSU courses
  • Visitors may be eligible to volunteer at OSU, as long as the volunteer position meets OSU’s requirements for volunteer positions

Who is Eligible?


Length of the Status

The maximum program length for Visitors who enter the US using a (B1/B2) Visa is 6 months.

The maximum program length for Visitors who enter the US on the Visa Waiver Program (ESTA) is 90 days.

More Information

OSU’s Office of Global Affairs helps co-ordinate visits of delegations from international institutions, universities, government offices, and other organizations.

At US Consulates and at the US border, visitors may be asked to provide documentation confirming the purpose for their visit to the US. 

If a visitor would like OSU to provide a letter to confirm the activities the visitor will participate in at OSU, OSU hosts could use the Invitation Letter Sample.

Reimbursements to an international visitor should be processed through the standard reimbursement process, and will need to comply with OSU’s fiscal policy, including any applicable policies on payments to non-resident aliens.

Any payment for services could be considered to be employment by US immigration officials.  International visitors may want to consult with a US immigration attorney before accepting payment from OSU, in order to confirm that the payment will not cause issues with future US immigration applications.

Options for an OSU identification card, ONID account, or on-campus housing may be limited as a visitor.