Our office works closely with OSU faculty and staff to support the unique needs of sponsored students. 

In addition to complying with immigration requirements, international sponsored students must also fulfill their sponsorship obligations to maintain their funding through degree completion. Sponsors request letters from the university before reviewing a grantee’s application for program extension, change of major, reduced enrollment, etc. Sponsors also require letters to monitor the academic progress and expected program completion of their grantees.

Below is a chart outlining common letters that we are able to provide, and letters that we ask academic advisors to prepare when the information requested is academic in nature:


Sponsored Student Programs

Various Enrollment Reports

Change of Major / Degree Report

Immigration Status


Academic Advisor

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Need for Tutoring

Various letters related to academic progress

Sponsored students may initiate their letter requests by contacting our team. If the letter requested by the student must be written by the academic department, we forward the request to the student’s academic advisor.