If you are transferring to Oregon State University (OSU) from another school in the US, you will need to complete a transfer in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) with your current school.

Receiving an OSU Immigration Document as a Transfer-In Student
  1. Gain admission to OSU
  2. Fill out the transfer-in form with an international student advisor at your transfer-out school
  3. Check if your transfer-out school requires anything for your SEVIS transfer
  4. Your current school will release your SEVIS record to OSU
  5. OIS will complete the transfer and issue a new immigration document within 7-10 days of the release date indicated by your school
  6. Attend orientation, complete immigration document check-in requirements, and register full-time at OSU
  7. F-1 Students: OIS will issue a second I-20 by the end of the second week of the term after you have registered for classes

You must register full-time on campus in your first term at OSU even if you will start during summer term. Course offerings may not be available in your major during the summer, so you may need to defer your admission to the fall term in order to maintain your visa status. Contact us about this before you set up your transfer if you have concerns.


You will be eligible to work on-campus (including as part of a graduate assistantship) as soon as your SEVIS record has been released to OSU. You will need a valid immigration document from OSU to complete hire paperwork.


Use your OSU immigration document to re-enter the United States if you plan to travel before beginning your studies at OSU. No travel signature is needed to travel before the start of the term. You will receive a travel signature during or after orientation.


You do not need to apply for a new visa stamp unless your visa has already expired and you plan to travel outside the United States. Your current visa will remain valid until its expiration date, regardless of the school name listed on it. Use your OSU document if you need to renew your visa. You will not need to pay the SEVIS fee again.