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Starting life in a new country and culture can be a big adjustment for anyone, and that doubles for a student or scholars spouse, partner, or children. While the transition can seem daunting, the Office of International Services in collaboration with community partners (Crossroads International, Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center) is committed to helping international students, scholars and their families become part of Oregon's community through the International Friendship Program (IFP).


The International Friendship Program provides support and opportunities designed to assist international students and scholars during their adjustment period by connecting them with friends from the community in a conversation partnership program. The program also provides an opportunity for the friends from the community to get to meet and know students and scholars from across the globe (approximately 110 different countries are represented at OSU).

Program Goals


Facilitate international students and scholars to develop off-campus friendships


Share cultures and traditions between Americans and international students/scholars


Develop lifelong relationships across the globe

Participate Remotely!
  • Play Online Games (Jackbox Games, Tabletopia)
  • Netflix Party (The Chrome browser extension allows you to synchronize playback across multiple devices)
  • Google Street View a Foreign Country
  • Tour the Earth (Google Earth)
  • Take Virtual Tours in Art Museums and Art Galleries
  • Start a Book Club
  • Sing Karaoke together
  • Create a shared online cookbook
Participate In-Person!
  • Meet for coffee
  • Explore a local park
  • Movies and plays
  • Sports
  • Cultural and other special events
  • Shopping
  • Concerts
  • Fishing, Hiking, Camping
  • Family Events: Birthdays, Weddings, Graduation
  • U.S or international Holiday/traditional events: Cook together or allow students/scholars to cook their favorite meals

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The International Friendship Program is being offered through both in-person and remote delivery. You decide which mode you prefer!

There are no financial obligations for participating in this program. There are plenty of free or relatively inexpensive activities to participate in. Some activities may involve a fee. There is NO expectation that you pay for your partner’s fees or other costs for activities you engage in together.

It is most beneficial to participants if they engage in some type of contact or activity approximately once per month (2-3 times per academic quarter).

At least for one academic year (October-June). International Friendship Program volunteers will be contacted and given the option to host another student/scholar the following year.

No, the International Friendship Program is NOT a host family program. You are at no time expected to let international students/scholars stay overnight in your home. It is your choice and NOT an expectation, if in the case of a special event, you choose to invite your student/scholar to stay overnight.

Once committing to the International Friendship Program, you will fill out an application where you will be able to choose any preferences you may have. The program coordinator will try to meet your preferences based on the participant applicant pool.

It is beneficial and highly recommended to review the online orientation materials through Canvas. Program expectations and guidelines will be provided. You also can network with other program participants!

Please contact the International Friendship Program coordinator for assistance through email.

There are a variety of opportunities & activities at OSU, the surrounding areas and remotely that might be interesting to attend. Treat each other as new friends and as the friendship develops and interests become apparent, more opportunities will become available.

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