Our Mission:

To create a community of globally-minded peers who will foster connection and a sense of belonging for new international students. The Global Buddies Program provides an opportunity for participants to navigate while actively learning and engaging in cultural, social, and academic growth through peer support.


Make OSU Your Home Away From Home

Oregon State University’s Office of International Services is committed to enriching students’ experiences by offering various levels of support services to students during their educational journey. Upon arriving at OSU in Oregon, international students may experience many cultural and social adjustment challenges that can impact their success. Making friends, getting used to the food, social structure, academic system, and way of life can be difficult in a new place. The Global Buddies Program (GBP) connects new and current OSU students for peer support. The Global Buddies Program provides an opportunity for new students to engage with peers who are more experienced with life at OSU and can assist them navigate the new environment. Join us - we look forward to assisting you transition to OSU!

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Eligibility - 1st term student at OSU
  • Buddies set up in August for Fall term
  • Buddies set up in January for Winter term
  • Buddies set up in March for Spring term
Eligibility - students who have attended at OSU for at least two terms
  • Supportive and caring, with good interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable navigating across cultures
  • Commitment lasts from the following summer to spring term
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Quick Facts

  • Buddy pairing occurs at the start of a new term.
  • Global buddies are encouraged to meet at least twice a month by group events and programs offered during orientation and throughout the term.
  • Global buddies are encouraged but not required to continue meeting beyond the new students first term at OSU.

After being part of the Global Buddies Program, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and navigate cultural, academic and social adjustment challenges which may arise upon arrival in the US and at OSU, identify and utilize resources on and off campus to address these challenges.
  2. Establish a support network of peers and lifelong friendships while at OSU and beyond.
  3. Develop leadership, cross cultural and interpersonal transferable skills that they can apply to future careers and educational pursuits.
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Fall 2022

Winter 2023


(to be announced)

A new student’s experience:

“I attended my first (ever) in-person event at OSU since joining (remotely) last year. It was the Shook Twins Concert which was held back in October, and I attended with my senior buddy, so that remains a vivid memory for me."

A host student buddy experience:

“You never know who you might meet and all sorts of campus opportunities can lead to friendship. I have felt a lot of growth in terms of gaining leadership skills that I didn’t have before. I’m an introvert so the program has helped me to come out of my shell by talking with new people.”