International employees, exchange visitors, and OSU sponsors are an essential part of the internationalization of Oregon State University. 

The decision whether to offer immigration sponsorship is the sponsoring department’s.  The Office of International Services' (OIS) International Employee & Exchange Visitor (IEEV) team is responsible to let the sponsoring department know their immigration sponsorship options and then to file OSU’s immigration sponsorship applications.  In order to know what immigration sponsorship is possible, International Services must review both the position and the immigration history of the candidate.

Please use the links below to inquire about what immigration sponsorship options are available to an international employee or visitor through OSU. 

I'm an individual seeking sponsorship

Prospective international employees, collaborative researchers, or students planning to participate in an internship who would like OSU to sponsor their immigration status/visa must have an offer from an OSU department agreeing to sponsor their work at OSU. Individuals who have received an offer from OSU should request their department request an evaluation of immigration sponsorship options.

Find an OSU Department Sponsor

I'm a department seeking to sponsor someone

OSU departments or supervisors who would like to sponsor an international employee or visitor should submit the Sponsorship Request Form to the OIS IEEV team to evaluate sponsorship options. This begins the process for OIS to evaluate what sponsorship the department may offer.

Request an Evaluation of Immigration Sponsorship Options


Inquiry on sponsorship options

Candidates, OSU departments or OSU supervisors with questions about prospective or hypothetical sponsorship scenarios should contact the OIS IEEV team to discuss details and options for immigration/visa options.

Contact IEEV Team

The Office of International Services’ International Employee & Exchange Visitor Team

The Office of International Services’ International Employee & Exchange Visitor (IEEV) team works cooperatively with OSU departments to evaluate immigration sponsorship options and completes any immigration processes that OSU must complete in order to provide immigration sponsorship.