International visitors, researchers, and students conducting collaborative research or training may request assistance in issuing documents to aid them in applying for leave, funding, finalizing a contract with their host institution or financial sponsor, or to apply for a US visa.

OSU Immigration Sponsorship

Individuals who do not have US citizenship, may need immigration sponsorship from OSU to obtain a visa to enter the United States or to transfer their immigration status from another institution. 

OSU departments who would like to sponsor, or inquire about hosting, an international employee or visitor should submit the Sponsorship Request Form to the Office of International Services' International Employee and Exchange Visitor (IEEV) team to evaluate immigration sponsorship and visa options.

OSU Letter to Secure Permission or Funding

To obtain leave or funding, visitors may be required to submit evidence that OSU has agreed to serve as a host. Visitors may therefore request an invitation letter from OSU well before the program is to take place in order to secure permission or funding. If such a letter has not otherwise been provided to an international colleague, OSU could provide an invitation letter based on the sample.

OSU Letter to Apply for a U.S. Visa or to Enter the U.S.

At US Consulates, visa applicants are asked to document the purpose for their trip to the United States.  Typically, visa applicants can use their OSU job offer, appointment letter, or other OSU letter of invitation. 

Contracts or Agreements

A visitor’s home or funding institution may ask OSU to sign a contract or agreement to outline OSU’s obligations as a host.  If asked to sign such a contract or agreement, contact Contract Services for the process to have the agreement reviewed and signed.