Looking to Join the OSU Community?

Seeking a hosting department to sponsor immigration status for an OSU position, collaboration, or training opportunity? This page provides information about where to start, contacts to get connected with a possible hosting department, and an overview of the general immigration sponsorship process.

Overview of OSU’s Immigration Sponsorship Process

  1. The first step to obtain OSU immigration sponsorship is to create a relationship with an OSU hosting department.
  2. Once the hosting department has offered a position placement at OSU, the hosting department can then submit a Sponsorship Request to International Services to review the position, the international visitor’s qualifications and immigration history, and to evaluate the hosting department’s immigration sponsorship options for the individual.
  3. The decision whether to sponsor immigration status for a position is made by the hosting OSU department. The hosting department can choose to offer immigration sponsorship for the position and, if multiple options exist, select the immigration category that they would offer to the individual. 
  4. Once the hosting department has confirmed the offer to sponsor immigration status for a position, the International Employee and Exchange Visitor team will work with the host department and the international colleague, guiding both through OSU’s portion of the immigration process.
  5. Typically, OSU’s portion of the immigration sponsorship process culminates with OSU being approved to provide an immigration sponsorship document (e.g. J-1 DS-2019, H-1B I-797 Approval Notice). The international colleague can use the sponsorship document to obtain immigration status – either by applying for a visa at a US Consulate (for colleagues outside the US), or by applying to change immigration status inside the US (for colleagues already in the US).
  6. Once the international colleague has gained the OSU-sponsored immigration status (by receiving an I-94 record documenting their OSU-sponsored immigration status), the colleague may begin their position.
  7. The hosting department welcomes the new colleague and assists in helping them settle into their lives and program at OSU.

Finding an Employment Position at OSU

Prospective postdoctoral scholars or employees seeking employment at OSU, first need to receive an offer letter from an OSU department in order to begin the process of reviewing eligibility for immigration sponsorship.



Finding an Volunteer Position at OSU

Prospective international visitors seeking to conduct scholarly activities, research collaboratively or participate in internship activities at Oregon State University, first need to secure an OSU professor as a collaborator or supervisor in order to begin the process of reviewing eligibility for immigration sponsorship.

Tips to Secure Sponsorship