The J-1 Exchange Visitor Application through the Office of International Services provides the International Employee and Exchange Visitor team with essential information needed to generate a Certificate of Eligibility of Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status, also commonly referred to as the DS-2019.  The DS-2019 is an official immigration document stating that Oregon State University is recognized by the US Government to sponsor J-1 Exchange Visitors, and that OSU would like to invite this international visitor to participate in an exchange program at OSU.


Please contact our office or complete a request for an immigration sponsorship evaluation for more details on the processing timeline.

Roles in the J-1 Application Process

The following people are involved in the OIS J-1 Exchange Visitor Application process:


OSU Department

Sponsoring Program Host: Responsible for developing and monitoring the international colleague’s exchange program, ensuring access to campus privileges, and providing cross-cultural exchange opportunities.

Department Contact: Accesses IP Connect to complete the department’s portion of OIS’s J-1 application; assists with department administrative responsibilities which could include assisting the Sponsor in processing any appointment (hiring, courtesy appointment, etc.), securing office space, and more.


Office of International Services (OIS)

Evaluates immigration sponsorship eligibility, processes OSU’s immigration sponsorship requests with government agencies; issues the Certificate for Eligibility for Exchange Visitor status (DS-2019) needed for an exchange visitor to apply for a J visa at a US Consulate abroad or to transfer to OSU; provides information on obtaining a US visa or transfer to OSU, orientation resources to the campus and community, and immigration advising.


Exchange Visitor

Accesses IP Connect to complete the exchange visitor’s portion of OIS’s J-1 application; apply for a J-1 visa (if necessary) at a US consulate.

Software and Training

IP Connect/Sunapsis is an online data management system used by International Services to manage OSU’s immigration sponsorship processes. Detailed instructions and training about using IP Connect can be found in the IEEV Department Contact Resources Canvas site.

Develop the Collaboration and Exchange Program

  • Come to agreement with the international colleague about the program at OSU, including, the duties that the colleague will have at OSU, the expectations, and support that OSU will provide.
  • Obtain any necessary approval from the department, school, or college to appoint and host an international colleague.
  • Determine appropriate appointment type and complete appointment process (Postdoctoral Scholar appointment, Courtesy Faculty appointment, Volunteer appointment, etc.).
  • If any financial support will be provided by OSU to the international colleague, confirm that the international colleague will be eligible for such payments.
  • Arrange for any necessary office space or OSU access.
  • Determine immigration sponsorship options by submitting the Sponsorship Request form.
  • Complete the Immigration Sponsorship Evaluation Process to determine the immigration category that the hosting department can offer.

The Application Process

  1. OIS initiates the J-1 Exchange Visitor Application in IP Connect and sends the Department Contact instructions on how to begin the J-1 Application process in IP Connect.

  2. Sponsoring Program Host

    1. Complete evaluation of the international colleague’s English language ability.
    2. Complete the Export Control process through the Research Office
    3. To assist the Department Contact in completing the necessary application forms in IP Connect, the Sponsor could complete the program information forms to provide the program information that the Department Contact must enter into IP Connect.
  3. Department Contact completes departmental e-forms in IP Connect.
    1. Grants access to the Exchange Visitor and adds contact information for the Sponsor and Department Head/Chair to complete their application review and approval in IP Connect. Communication from <OIS.Scholar @>.
  4. Sponsoring Professor receives link and confirms the “J-1 Program Information” e-form.
  5. Exchange Visitor receives link and completes the client fillable e-forms and uploads supporting documentation (resume/CV in English, passport bio page, financial documentation, dependent spouse or child bio pages, etc.)
  6. Department Chair/Dean receives a link and confirms the "J-1 Responsibilities and Compliance" e-form. 
  7. OIS confirms receipt of application, conducts initial review, and requests additional information if needed. Once complete, OIS sends all parties the processing timeline.
  8. Within 10-business days of receipt of the completed application, OIS issues the DS-2019 document and instructions for exchange visitor and department on next steps.
  9. OIS sends the original DS-2019 (and Training/Internship Placement Plan DS-7002 for Student Interns) by the delivery method selected in the application.

Next Steps for Exchange Visitor

  • Initial Applicant: If outside the U.S., Exchange Visitor applies for a J-1 visa at a US consulate abroad using the documentation issued by OIS and the department. Appointment wait times and visa procedures are available from the US Department of State and the US Consulate in the country in which the Exchange Visitor will apply for a visa.
  • Transfer Applicant: If transferring from within the US, Exchange Visitor works with international advisors to coordinate transfer of the J-1 exchange visitor program and immigration record to OSU.
  • Change of Status Applicant: If changing from another immigration status to J-1 immigration status while inside the US, the Exchange Visitor must apply to the Immigration Service.

What to Prepare?

Sponsoring Professor

Exchange Visitor

The following documents will need to be submitted in .pdf or .img format  through the IP Connect system:

  • Passport, valid 6-months beyond the requested J-1 program end date
  • Current Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Evidence of Financial Support
  • Copies of any prior DS-2019s or J visa(s)
  • (If accompanying) Passport for dependent spouse or unmarried children under 21
  • (Student Intern Applicant) Attestation from Home Institution

Department Contact

  • All departmental documents relating to appointment and exchange program at OSU