Estimated Expenses

Exchange Visitors must provide proof of sufficient finances to support themselves, and any J-2 dependents, for the entire duration of their Exchange Visitor program as listed on their DS-2019 immigration document.

The minimum amount of funding that is considered sufficient for Exchange Visitors in the Professor, Research Scholar, Short-Term Scholar, Specialist, or Student Intern categories is:

Before July 1, 2024 Required Funding Per Month

Per Program Participant

$1,750 / month   

Exchange Visitor

+$1,300 / month

First Dependent

+ $500 / month

Each Additional Dependent


On/After July 1, 2024 Required Funding Per Month

Per Program Participant

$2,175 / month   

Exchange Visitor

+$1,300 / month

First Dependent

+ $775 / month

Each Additional Dependent

Forms of Financial Documentation

  1. A statement from a bank showing available funds in the exchange visitor's name (an additional affidavit form is needed if the bank statement is not in the exchange visitor's name)
  2. A contract or an award letter from a sponsoring institution/government indicating the amount and dates that the exchange visitor’s expenses will be covered. 
  3. A continued salary letter from the exchange visitor’s employer indicating the amount of salary and that the salary will be continued during the dates of the program or while abroad.

The financial document(s) must be issued within the last 12-months and be written in English or include an English translation which includes the exchange visitor’s full name, currency type and amount.

  • Retirement fund accounts

  • Stock certificates

  • Real estate holdings

  • Letter of good financial standing from bank

  • Cryptocurrency or other non-liquid funds

Estimate of Expenses and Fees for Oregon State University

The figures listed are estimates based on the Living Wage Calculation for Corvallis, Oregon and is used for budgeting purposes only. The actual costs of an individual's program may vary and be higher than what is required for document issuance purposes.

Estimate of Expenses and Fees for OSU Exchange Visitors (Professor, Research Scholars, Student Intern, Specialist categories) in U.S. dollars

1 month


Application Fees


OIS Application Processing Fee (paid by OSU department or exchange visitor): $500

Mailing Fee: ~$65+

I-901 Fee: $220

DS-160 Visa Fee: $185



This amount is an average figure based on one to two bedroom off-campus housing.
Food $390

Estimate for one person.

Transportation, Miscellaneous and Personal $686 This is an estimate of what you might spend on transportation, cell phone, personal items, and recreation.
Required Health Insurance Amount varies greatly depending on provider, $309 Cost of health insurance may vary by provider and length of coverage. The Department of State (DOS) requires that all J-1 Exchange Visitors have medical insurance in effect for themselves and any J-2 dependents for the duration of their DS-2019 program dates.


Tax withholding on U.S. income or stipend.

Child Care

$750 to $1,400+

For each child. Contact OSU Family Resource Center for more information.

Additional costs may include benching fees, visa/immigration application fees, conferences, professional development, dependent costs, travel, and other costs. These costs vary by program, sponsor, and exchange visitor. Check with your OSU sponsoring department about any additional fees.