Welcome to Oregon State University!

The Office of International Services welcomes new international colleagues to Oregon state by providing remote orientation and check-in services.

Orientation Materials:

The orientation materials for international employees, visitors and their family members is accessible online. 


Orientation Topics Include

Setting up accounts (housing, bank, identification, library, schooling for children)

Living in the US (getting involved, language and professional development, entertainment) 

Everyday essentials (health, safety, regulations) and more!

H-1B Employee Check-in & Orientation

All H-1B Employees must complete the check-in process by contacting an International Employee Advisor upon beginning their appointment at OSU. 

J-1 Exchange Visitor Check-in & Orientation

Providing orientation for J-1 Exchange Visitors is a requirement of the Department of State, and document check-in is needed to validate the Exchange Visitor's SEVIS immigration record. 

All J-1 Exchange Visitors must complete the document check-in process using IP Connect within 30-days from their DS-2019 Program Start Date. 

Once this step is completed, International Services validates the Exchange Visitor's SEVIS record by changing the status to "active". This validation notifies the Department of Homeland Security that the Exchange Visitor has arrived and plans to begin their J-1 scholar program, and updates their US address through the SEVIS immigration system. This step is needed prior to applying for a driver's license or social security number (if eligible). Late or incomplete document check-in may result in the automatic cancellation of the Exchange Visitor's program and immigration complications.


Complete the Document Check-In Process

  • Login to your IP Connect account
    • If you have ONID credentials, login under Full Client Services for Scholars & Faculty
    • If you have a temporary ID number, login by selecting New Student/Scholar Login under Limited Services for Scholars & Faculty
    • If you have errors accessing your account contact OIS to resolve the issue
  • Under J-1 Scholar Services, select Exchange Visitor Check-in and Orientation
  • Complete required forms as it becomes available before and after arrival in the US
  • International Services reviews the completed forms and validates Exchange Visitor's SEVIS record

Actions to take after check-in and orientation:

  • J-1 Exchange Visitors should submit travel signature request form in IP Connect if they, or any J-2 dependents, plan to travel outside the US during the exchange visitor program.
  • Obtain your OSU identification card from the ID Center and set up your ONID account.
  • Email any immigration related questions to your international advisor.
  • Meet with your sponsoring department and supervisor for onboarding procedures.