Rachael Weber

Assistant Director - International Students

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Rachael Weber is an Assistant Director in the Office of International Services at Oregon State University (OSU) with more than 20 years of experience serving and advising international students and scholars, and 6 years directing international offices. Prior to OSU, she worked at the University of California-Berkeley, Golden Gate University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rachael has been an active member of her professional association, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, held various regional and national leadership positions since 1999, and was an active NAFSA Trainer Corps member from 2001-2008. Rachael has a Master’s in Intercultural Relations and is an experienced national facilitator, trainer, and presenter. She believes strongly that it takes all of us to make our communities and institutions inclusive, equitable, and welcoming places for all, and believes that as a white person she needs to keep the impacts of racism, national origin, gender, sexual and gender orientation, abilities, and other systemic biases at the forefront of her work and areas of influence. In her free time, Rachael loves to spend time with her kids, family and friends. She also loves to read, travel, hike, eat good food from around the world, and go to the Oregon coast.