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Oregon State University’s Office of International Services is committed to enriching students’ experiences by offering various levels of support on each individual’s educational journey. Upon arriving to OSU in Corvallis, OR, international students may experience many cultural and social adjustment issues that can impact their success. Making friends, getting used to the food, social structure, academic system, and way of life can be difficult in a new place. To help students navigate these challenges, we created the International Peer Mentoring Program (IPMP) in September 2014. With the IPMP, students have a chance to meet with their peers to talk about their experiences while studying at Oregon State University.

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  • Jul 15: Fall Matches
  • Nov 15: Winter Matches
  • Feb 15: Spring Matches
  • due April 1
  • Commitment lasts from the following summer to spring term
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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community of globally-minded peers who will foster connection and a sense of belonging for new international students. The International Peer Mentoring Program empowers all individuals to engage in cultural, social, and academic growth through involvement with the OSU and Corvallis communities. We aim to prepare OSU’s students to be responsible and engaged leaders for a global society by placing students at the center of responsibility for their experience and education.

Learning Objectives

After participating in IPMP, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and navigate cultural, academic, and social adjustment issues that arise upon arrival in the US and at OSU and utilize resources on and off campus that support those needs.
  2. Establish a support network of peers upon which they can rely throughout their time at OSU.
  3. Develop leadership skills that they can apply to their future careers and educational pursuits.

Structure & Expectations

This program is structured to offer various forms of mentoring based on the needs of new students. Mentors have the opportunity to engage with new international students in 1:1 relationships as well as in group settings.

New international students who sign up for a mentor choose the style and frequency of communication they prefer. New students may also get to know mentors in an informal setting by attending group events and programs offered during orientation and throughout their first year.

Target Populations
  • Mentors: 15-20 (primarily undergraduate, some graduate) students with demonstrable global experience recruited and trained during Spring term
  • Mentees: 15-60 new international undergraduate (direct admit, pathway, and exchange) students recruited during pre-arrival communication
Mentor Expectations
  • 1 year commitment (Summer - Spring)
  • Option to renew each Spring
  • May: Required Training & Team Building
  • Average hourly commitment = 20 hours/term (Fall - Spring)
  • Includes meetings with other mentors, group mentoring, 1:1 mentoring, and program events

Accommodation requests related to a disability may be made by contacting the Program Coordinator by phone (541-737-6310) or email.