Welcome to Beaver Nation!

Oregon State University extends a warm welcome to you as an international student and invites you to become an active, thriving member of our community. You are joining a university that emphasizes equality and inclusivity. We recognize the rich diversity that our students, faculty, staff and alumni contribute to the campus. At Oregon State, we strive to set the standard for excellence in international student advising and services, and to help all our students be successful.

Your presence at OSU is highly valued. You have the opportunity to attain an education that sets you on a path for leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. Meanwhile, you are uniquely placed to contribute to the cultural diversity and academic robustness this university prides itself upon. We are committed to supporting you through your challenges and celebrating your successes.

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Getting Here

All newly admitted international students are required to attend orientation and the immigration document check-in upon arrival at OSU. See more information on getting admitted, attending orientation, and bringing family members with you.

Staying Here

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for F-1 students and the Department of State (DOS) for J-1 students each have regulations regarding how to stay in status. Read about registration requirements, travel, and updating documents.

Working Here

International students who would like to engage in employment, either on-campus or off-campus, must follow both University and Federal regulations governing international student employment. Find information about getting a social security number, applying for practical training, and maintaining reporting requirements.

Exploring Here

Learn about all the ways you can get involved during your time at OSU. You can join programs such as the International Peer Mentoring Program, International Cultural Service Program, countless other student organizations or find a home at the Cultural Centers, Multicultural Literacy Center, or Crossroads International.