Oregon State University welcomes approximately 500 international faculty and scholars to teach, conduct research, and collaborate with colleagues at locations throughout Oregon.

The Office of International Services (OIS) works cooperatively with OSU departments in hiring and supporting international scholars and faculty. OIS staff prepares visa documents and advises on immigration matters.

Scholars must first find a supervising professor and host department, referred to as an OSU sponsor, in order to conduct collaborative research at OSU or to be employed. Once a scholar finds a sponsoring professor, the department will then contact OIS to determine the visa category and to receive application forms.

Finding an OSU Sponsor

Information about how to search for an OSU sponsor and what information to include in your request.

Search by Research Area

Search by Academic Major

The links below will direct you to a listing of the academic majors at OSU. Each program link will list the OSU campus (Corvallis, Cascade, or other extension location), courses offered in the program, and additional information.

Search by College Directories

Below is a list of colleges and programs at Oregon State University. You may search the college directories for the "Faculty and Staff" or "Faculty Research" section to find potential department sponsors and faculty contact information.

Information for Specific Prospective Scholar Populations

The links below will direct you to information and resources for specific scholar populations. Prospective scholars can find links to information on scholar categories, open job postings, and application materials relevant to the type of position they seek.