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The International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) gives international students at OSU a voice to share their experiences with the university, advocate for their needs, and receive institutional support, to ensure a vibrant and inclusive campus experience for all students.

ISAB is open to all students, both domestic and international, and offers membership and leadership opportunities.


  • Sounding Board – ISAB gathers feedback from international students formally and informally. ISAB uses both student feedback and research to inform recommendations to improve services and programs to better serve international students.
  • Relationship Building – ISAB builds relationships with individual students, international student organizations, and other organizations on campus to stay connected to the stories, needs, and concerns of international students.


  • Cultural integration– ISAB will provide recommendations on closing the gap between the connection of international student groups with domestic student groups to increase engagement and cross-cultural interaction on campus.
  • Advocacy – ISAB advocates for the international student experience at OSU and works continuously to educate the campus about issues related to international students.

Structure & Expectations

ISAB is open to international and domestic students. All members are expected to think critically, ask difficult questions, perform research and analysis, engage in dialogue, work across cultures and contribute to advocacy efforts.

A term of service is one academic year. Regular participation in the board's meetings and activities are essential and expected in order to be effective. The frequency of board meetings will be determined by the members in fall. ISAB will also discuss the option of holding one open forum per year and other opportunities for community input. Summer activity will also be determined, with participation optional. Members are expected to devote about 4-5  hours per month for meeting attendance, outreach, projects, email and other communications, etc.

The Board is composed of twelve members: 3 INTO OSU students, 3 undergraduate students, 3 graduate or professional students, and 3 domestic students as defined by the University Registrar. Members may return for succeeding years upon review and recommendation of the board advisor(s). Members are expected to:

  • Attend ISAB half day retreats at the beginning of fall and spring term
  • Attend a half day diversity and inclusion leadership training in the fall term
  • Attend all board meetings and assigned project group meetings
  • Stay informed of the meeting minutes
  • Stay informed of ASOSU meetings and initiatives

Board Officers

ISAB is led by the following leadership team selected from its membership at the beginning of each fall term:


The Co-Chairs are responsible for leading all the meetings of ISAB. Along with overall management of the Board, the Chairs are also tasked with serving as an approachable point of contact for administrators and students. The Chairs are responsible for immediately communicating any vacancies on ISAB to the board advisors. There will be 1 undergraduate Chair and 1 graduate Chair.

  • Maintain communication with advisors, liaisons, and external stakeholders
  • Coordinate retreats for ISAB members with advisors
  • Check-in with members to ensure progress on projects/initiatives
  • Collaborate with Co-Chair in leading the board
  • Work with Secretary to set agenda for board meetings
  • Take meeting minutes and upload them to the designated access point for all ISAB related documentation
  • Facilitate internal communication among ISAB members
  • Oversee note taking and record keeping that occurs within the project groups and ensuring project group notes make it to the designated access point for ISAB related documentation
  • Responsible for compiling an annual report (or PPT) for ISAB project progress and accomplishments
  • Lead ISAB member selection and recruitment efforts
Communications Director:
  • In charge of raising awareness of ISAB projects
  • Maintain communication with ASOSU, international student organizations, multicultural student organizations and other student organizations on campus
  • In charge of website development/email correspondence
  • Manage ISAB social media account
  • Collaborate with Board Chairs

Are you a critical thinker, comfortable with asking difficult questions, good at research and analysis, enjoy engaging in dialogue, enjoy working with different cultures and passionate about promoting advocacy? Are you are committed to furthering campus internationalization at OSU and would like to serve on ISAB? If yes, we encourage you to apply to be a member of the International Student Advisory Board

How to Apply