J-1 Professor, Research & Short-Term Scholar Categories

The exchange of professors and research scholars promotes the exchange of ideas, research, mutual enrichment and linkages between Oregon State University and international institutions. The Professor, Research Scholar or Short-Term Scholar category is for a foreign national who enters the United States for the primary purpose of teaching, lecturing, observing, consulting, or conducting collaborative research at OSU.

What Positions are Eligible?

The exchange visitor program must:

  • Be collaborative in nature
  • Cannot be a tenure track position
  • Be temporary, even if the position itself is permanent

Who is Eligible?

Exchange visitors must:

  • Have a Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree plus equivalent experience
  • Not be a candidate for a tenure track position
  • Not have a permanent residency application filed on their behalf
  • Not be subject to the 12 or 24 month bar


Length of the Status

Professor or Research Scholar: The maximum program length of this category is 5-years.

Short-Term Scholar: The maximum program length of this category is 6-months.

Other Considerations

The 12 or 24-month bars to future program participation in the Professor or Research Scholar category may apply.

Incidental lectures or short-term consultations are permitted with the approval of the responsible officer so long as they are directly related to the objectives of the participant’s program, and do not delay the exchange program’s completion date.