Oregon State University welcomes approximately 500 international faculty and scholars to teach, conduct research, participate in student internship programs and collaborate with colleagues at locations throughout Oregon. The Office of International Services (OIS), International Employee and Exchange Visitor (IEEV) team works cooperatively with OSU departments to evaluate immigration sponsorship options when hiring and hosting international faculty, postdoctoral scholars and visiting students. OIS staff prepares immigration petitions and documents needed to obtain immigration status or a U.S. visa and advises on immigration matters.

Prospective international faculty, postdoctoral scholars and visiting students must first find a supervising professor and host department, referred to as an OSU sponsor, in order to conduct collaborative research at OSU or to be employed.

Next Steps: Once a prospective scholar finds a sponsoring professor, the department will need to submit the Sponsorship Request Form for the Office of International Services to evaluate sponsorship options and initiate the application.

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