The Office of International Services works with outside immigration counsel and OSU employers to support faculty who need long-term work authorization in the United States.  In most cases, either the employment-based Outstanding Professor/ Researcher (EB-1) or the Advanced Degree Holder (EB-2) serve the needs of faculty, however in some cases, other options may be pursued.  OSU benefits from the many years of experience in the field of immigration law to find the best solution to fit each individual’s needs.

Faculty who would like to learn more and OSU employers interested in sponsoring an employee for permanent resident are welcome to contact the Office of International Services.   

It’s important to remember that only OSU and its outside immigration counsel may file employment-based permanent residence petitions.  There are self-petition options available that do not require OSU sponsorship, including the National Interest Waiver; learn more about those options from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Commonly Used Employment-Based Permanent Residence Categories  

EB-1 Outstanding Professor/Researcher

EB-2 Members holding Advance Degrees with Special Handling Labor Certifications

Works for those who:

  • are nationally and internationally known in their field
  • meet the USCIS criteria in 2 of 6 outstanding categories
  • have three years experience in the field
  • are employed in a tenured, tenure-track, or comparable position
  • are employed full-time

Works for those who:

  • have teaching duties that involve classroom teaching
  • were selected through open search process
  • have a salary that meets the U.S. Department of Labor's prevailing wage for the position
  • are employed full-time