International students and scholars will find general information about facing cultural adjustment, American culture and customs, and cultural resources and organizations at Oregon State University.

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U.S. Rules and Laws

International students and scholars are expected to know and follow state, federal, government, and OSU rules and regulations while living in the United States.

Life and Customs in the US

Learn about American culture, social and workplace etiquette.

Cultural Adjustment

Cultural adjustment is a process an individual has to go through to be able to work effectively and live comfortably in a place that is new and unfamiliar to them. Living in a new culture requires you to learn a new set of cultural patterns and behaviors.

Cultural Organizations

OSU and Corvallis have a wealth of organizations and centers committed to celebrating the diversity of the campus and community.

OSU Multicultural Resource Guide

An online resource guide that you can use to find out about things that others have found helpful and/or are important to know about while you are here.

Learn English

There are many English language learning opportunities for scholars, students, and dependents in the Corvallis and surrounding area.